Accessory Technique/Adjunctive Therapy

ATAT 701, 702, 703 Lab 4.5 credits ACCESSORY TECHNIQUE/ ADJUNCTIVE THERAPY I, II, III These three (1.5 hr. credits) courses, taught during the Clinic Internship, include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on Intern participation. Material covered includes, but is not limited to: Rose Technique, trigger point therapy, PNF, Lymphatic massage, and pediatric and geriatric treatment approaches. Classes are taught by various Naprapathic practitioners and guest instructors of other disciplines. Some classes will consist of “Clinic Review,” providing Interns a forum for discussing individual patient cases with other Interns and a Clinician, thereby exchanging ideas and other problem-solving techniques. The clinical application of these therapies do not supplant, but rather complement the Oakley Smith Naprapathic Method â of treatment. Prerequisite: Intern status

About This Course

Course idATAT 701, 702, 703
PrerequisiteIntern Status