Accessory Technique I

ACTC 601 Lab 3 credits ACCESSORY TECHNIQUE I Presents methods of joint and soft tissue examination including range of motion, kinesiological and neurological testing as well as Naprapathic palpation. Instruction emphasizes research developments in all areas of spinal and extra-spinal manipulation particularly as they apply to Naprapathic principles. Course content includes lecture, demonstration, and practicum on such topics as spinal articular facet and disc problems, inflammatory connective tissue disorders, analysis and treatment of the extremities and rib cage, and TMJ syndrome. A hands-on practicum provides the opportunity to apply principles of spinal and extra-spinal manipulation. Prerequisites: NTEC 601 Naprapathic Technique I and CEVL 601 Naprapathic Clinical Evaluation I

About This Course

Course idACTC 601
PrerequisiteNTEC 601 and CEVL 601