Basic Science

Course ID Course Name
Science of Nutrition and Diet III
Science of Nutrition and Diet II
Science of Nutrition and Diet I
Physiology III
Physiology II
Physiology I
Pathology II
Pathology I
Neuroscience II
Neuroscience I
Microbiology and Public Health
Medical Terminology / Genetics / Embryology
Laboratory Interpretation and Symptomology
Exercise Physiology / Biomechanics
Biochemistry II
Biochemistry I
Applied Biomechanics
Anatomy III
Anatomy II
ANAT 501 Anatomy I

Naprapathic Science

Course ID Course Name
THEX 600 Therapeutic Exercise
SEIA 500 Sports and Exercise Injury Assessment and Treatment
STMN 600 Soft Tissue Manipulation
SANC 600 Spinal Anatomy / Naprapathic Chartology
REHB 600 Principles of Rehabilitation
PHYT 600 Principles of Physiological Therapeutics
NTEC 602 Naprapathic Technique II
NTEC 601 Naprapathic Technique I
HPEJ 600 Naprapathic History, Principles, Philosophy, Ethics and Jurisprudence
CPEV 600 Clinical Protocols and Evaluation
CEVL 603 Naprapathic Clinical Evaluation III
CEVL 602 Naprapathic Clinical Evaluation II
CEVL 601 Naprapathic Clinical Evaluation I
CSEM 701, 702, 703 Integrational Clinic Seminars
CPRC 701, 702, 703, 704 Clinical Practice
CONE 602 Clinical Orthopedic and Neurological Evaluation
CNTR 603 Clinical Nutrition Approach to Wellness
CPRP 600 Clinical Preparation
ATAT 701, 702, 703 Accessory Technique/Adjunctive Therapy
ACTC 602 Accessory Technique II
NAPT 600 Naprapathic Therapeutics
CTDY 501 Connective Tissue Dynamics
ACTC 601 Accessory Technique I

Basic Science Elective

Course ID Course Name

Naprapathic Science Elective

Course ID Course Name
CPRS 300 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
ICBR 800 Illinois Competency Board Review