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The original price for Dr. Boileve’s published 102-page manual was $129.00, and the 8-hr. CEU seminar $99.00 for a total of $228.00.  We are now offering this combined package for $149.00 for this day and this day only.  Read on –

We are very excited to announce our Upcoming CEU Seminar
“Treatment Protocols for Various Pain Syndromes in the Spine and Extremities” (Level II)
Saturday, August 13, 2016 – 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (8 CEU’s)

Come and learn an “increased level” of treatment protocols for the most common pain syndrome conditions of the spine, upper and lower extremities.

New case studies will be presented with an increased level of awareness.  Learn the latest level of orthopedic testing, what to expect in their findings, and how to identify the correct evaluation codes.  This information will lead you to the best treatment plan and goals for your patient’s care.  With the increased emphasis insurance companies are placing on the terminology regarding “medical necessity,” this seminar will both help you get your patient better and help you get paid.

This seminar will utilize Dr. Carlos Boileve’s DC, DN unique manual, the 102-page “Orthopedic Tests & Signs with ICD-10 Coding Guidance.”  There is no other published manual of this kind that is utilizing ICD-10 to achieve what insurance companies are asking for in regards to “medical necessity” in the treatment protocols of pain syndromes in the spine and extremities.


The cost to attend this CEU Seminar is VERY REASONABLY priced at $149.00… REQUIRED MANUAL INCLUDED! ($149.00 preregistration; $169.00 at-the-door)  Already have the manual?  Sign up for this seminar and you will receive a $50.00 credit toward the registration fee – attend for only $99.00 when you bring your own manual ($119.00 at-the-door).  8 quality CEU’s with a 102-page ICD-10 manual you can use in your practice immediately and effectively for a long time to come is a fantastic deal.  We are looking forward to a vibrant seminar sharing information that will benefit both your patients and your success in practice.
After August 13th, Orthopedic Tests & Signs with ICD-10 Coding Guidance will go back to its regular price of $129.00.

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About the instructor:

Dr. CM Boileve, DC, MCS-P, DN(Hon), is Dean of academics and on faculty at the National College of Naprapathic Medicine. Dr. Boileve teaches a variety of classes, and specializes in anatomy instruction including the laboratory sections held at UIC.  He is a Certified Insurance Consultant/Reviewer and a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist. He has received numerous awards such as the Presidential Award 2 years in a row from the Illinois Chiropractic Society for educating the chiropractic profession.  He is most proud of his Honorary Naprapathic Degree as given by the National College of Naprapathic Medicine. He currently maintains an active practice in Highwood, IL.

Dr. Carlos Boileve, DC, DN
Dr. Carlos Boileve, DC, DN


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