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Saturday, November 11, 2017, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
$100 pre-registration for 8 CEU’s
$50 pre-registration for no CEU’s
(at-the-door $120 and $70)
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9AM -11AM  Introduction to BEMER Signal Therapy

With over a million and a half people, over 4000 clinics, hospitals and universities worldwide and NASA using this technology, it is the most well-researched and effective energy modality available. In this module you will learn the science behind the frequencies that increase total body blood flow at the capillary level within 8 minutes and how the body immediately responds to this “Song.”  If it’s an exponential increase in your clinical results you are looking for, this is it! You’ll also hear about current research and development with animals, agriculture, clothing and hospital applications.

11AM-1PM   Applications of BEMER Signal in Clinical Practice

From athletic injuries to sleep issues, headaches to fatigue, concentration problems to high level stress, structural discomforts to body malfunctions, the BEMER Signal can transform your patient by increasing blood flow with the concomitant benefits of increased oxygen and nutrition delivery and waste disposal at the cellular level. If astounding results are your goal you will discover how this modality can help you achieve this overnight. Athletes worldwide call this their “secret weapon” for outstanding performance.

1PM -2PM Lunch (on your own)

2PM – 4PM   Demonstration and Experience of BEMER Signal

Do you want the Best of the best? BEMER holds 5 international patents including the patented Sleep program, the only one worldwide. BEMER has won international awards for the design and craftsmanship of the product.  In this module you’ll learn how to create unique patient programs for specific conditions and when to use the various application devices.  You’ll become amazed at the versatility and simplicity of the total system and have the confidence to begin using the BEMER the next day for yourself and/or your Health Care Practice.


Try it! Feel it! Know it! Every participant will experience the BEMER Signal and understand how it works. With increased blood flow to all the 60,000 miles of capillaries in your body, the effects are immediate but subtle. Enhancing the effectiveness of 74% of your circulatory system initiates Nitric Oxide, pre-hormonal substance and enzyme production. You will be able to experiment with various frequency and light applications and become familiar with their usage.

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About the instructors:

Terry Morse

Terry Morse, DNM

Terry Morse, DNM

Terry Morse is a dynamic seminar presenter and extraordinary health practitioner. 

She is board certified as Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services by the World Organization of Natural Medicine, Toronto. She trained under and was certified by several renowned health leaders: Dr Robert Marshall, founder of Premier Labs in Austin TX, Dr Paul Eck, founder of Analytical Research Labs, Phoenix, AZ and Dr Jack Tips, author, founder of Apple-A-Day Clinic, Austin TX and the International Institute of Sclerology.

As a Team Manager in the BEMER Group International Terry is responsible for training and supporting over 60 IBD’s in 8 states. Her enthusiasm for sharing the science and experience of the BEMER Signal is contagious.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Terry lived 36 years in Louisiana and co-founded the Center for Natural Healing in Baton Rouge where she coached thousands of clients back to wellness and helped shift the consciousness of that community into a higher state of health awareness. Her passion for empowering others, her commitment to staying on the cutting edge and her clear grasp of the nuances of integrative medicine bring hope and a new lease on life to those with whom she interacts. She returned to her native Minnesota in 2012 and now shares her experience and wisdom through seminars and private home sessions.

Youcef Benloucif

Youcef Benloucif

Fluent in 5 languages, Youcef Benloucif is a Global Entrepreneur focusing on the functional holistic medicine sector of the healthcare industry. Along with his business partner, Dr. Felicitas Tobias, MD, he co-founded the Tobias Healing Institute, a holistic integrative medical practice in Chicago, USA. Their practice, which was established in 1998, specializes in the treatment of chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases. Youcef is also the founder of Holistic Solutions Technologies, a community outreach and educational arm of the Tobias Healing institute. Often his Programs are broadcast by radio highlighting the latest holistic and naturopathic tools and methods available to consumers who are interested in reaching optimum Health and Wellness goals the natural way.

At the Tobias Healing Institute Youcef has brought thousands of chronically ill patients into a stable and healthful state by combining the BEMER Signal with other complementary treatments. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.

 Youcef has a long, successful track record in training and education. For more than 25 years he trained thousands of individuals, consulted and developed many programs to assist various companies in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

He is in a leadership role of the BEMER Group International as an Organizational Director Plus, a BEMER Academy Director and a standing member of the BEMER-USA “Core Group”, an advisory board to BEMER International.

Youcef is also a former North American Founding Member of Amega A.G.Global and Quantum Leap International, both American based companies in the B2C health and wellness market. He has previously worked in Mexico and is preparing to become a full time resident in Mexico in the leadership of BEMER-MEXICO.  

Formally graduated from Aix-Marseille University, France in the field of Psychology, Youcef is Algerian of origin, an American citizen for the past 40 years and a father of two children, Karina and Kenzi. He currently resides in Chicago.

You’ll enjoy and appreciate his seemingly endless energy, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge when it comes to the BEMER Signal and its potential for rejuvenating the body and bringing health care to the next level.



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