Student Services

A guidance and counseling staff is available to assist students. Services provided include regularly scheduled interviews, ongoing and/or short-term advising and special seminars. The guidance staff also assists with student course evaluations, staff development and interfaculty activities directed toward improving instruction and communication.

The purpose of the Learning Resource Center is to provide quality learning resources that encompass traditional and complementary health care sciences and to address the unique needs of the Naprapathic student, faculty member and professional. Students are allowed borrowing privileges during their tenure at the College.

Students are entitled to receive Naprapathic treatments at considerably reduced rates as part of their educational experience. Treatments will afford valuable insight into the “patient’s point of view”, and may be viewed as a positive health factor in sustaining the pace of a rigorous academic program. No student is treated during class periods. Students receive a discount on vitamin and mineral supplements and health care products.

Students will receive a photo l.D. card annually. I.D.s are valid for each year the student is enrolled, and useful for a variety of social discounts and access to other libraries and information centers. Students are expected to wear I.D. badges at all times when on College premises.

All students currently enrolled in NCNM are considered part of the electorate responsible for the election of the Student Council. The major purpose of the Student Council is to present the views and ideas of the student body to the Administration. It seeks to foster close personal as well as professional relationships among its members. The Student Council sponsors open houses and special health symposia, educating the community and general public regarding the special contribution that Naprapathic Medicine offers in maintaining and achieving good health.

The student “Lounge” is located in the lower level, providing vending machine services. This is the only place in the building where food is permitted.

Students are provided with a personal mailbox throughout their tenure at NCNM to facilitate communication. It is the student’s responsibility to check the mailbox regularly for notices and personal communication. No unauthorized materials, i.e., solicitations are permitted in student mailboxes. In addition, all NCNM students are provided with college email account. This email account will be the primary avenue for most public announcements.