Financial Assistance

Financing Your Education?

NCNM has responded to the current economic situation with a truly unique Financial Assistance Plan.

Our in house Student Loan Program (SLP) can be the Stimulus Package you need to pursue your career as a licensed Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine.  We can finance your education for less than any other lender – including the federal government!

By paying a little now, you will save a lot later.

Total NCNM Tuition
Stafford or Perkins Loan Interest
NCNM’s SLP Interest

Interest Savings

*Calculations above are based on fall 2017 tuition rates; 6% unsubsidized graduate Stafford or Perkins loans with deferred payments vs. NCNM 5% rate with payments beginning at enrollment.

By making monthly payments as low as $400 while in school and adhering to the shorter repayment period, you can save more than $17,000 in interest and pay off your more than 6 years faster than a traditional 15-year payment deferred private student loan.

If that’s not enough we promise that our low fixed interest rates will never increase—But it can get even lower.

Applying with a credit worthy cosigner will improve the chances of approval.

APPLY NOW – and let us say YES to you and…

✔ NO to paying your loan back for 15 years!
✔ NO to paying twice as much interest to other lenders
✔ NO to filling out that dreaded FAFSA
✔ NO to waiting any longer to your new career!